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You Don’t Have to be on Benefits for ECO Grant Funding LA FLEX

By August 9, 2018 One Comment

The Affordable Warmth Scheme of the Energy Company Obligation has a lesser known element called Local Authority Flexible Eligibility or LA FlexLA Flex enables Local Authorities to grant fuel-poor households outside of the current benefits system, Affordable Warmth measures.

Local Authorities can do this thanks to LA Flex’s In-fill mechanism. Basically, if there are enough low-income households in the area that are vulnerable to the cold, ALL of the adjacent properties in that area will be eligible for solid wall insulation grants. 


LA Flex: In-fill Mechanism

As long as at least 66% of the households in an area with multiple adjacent properties, falls under the Affordable Warmth eligibility criteria, the Solid Wall Insulation (SWI) of ALL adjacent properties in that area can be improved through the in-fill mechanism.

Properties are considered adjacent to one another if they are:

1. Same building –  Multiple properties in the same structure (e.g.block of flats).

2. Immediately Adjacent Buildings – Structures that  are physically joined or separated by an alleyway, footpath, parking space, side garden or fence.

3. Same Terrace – A row of houses that are part of a continuous structure.


The inclusion of District Heating (DHS) to the In-fill mechanism of LA Flex has been proposed and is likely to take effect once ECO3 rolls around. This is due to the planned dissolution of the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation (CERO).

In addition, the 66% minimum eligibility requirement for in-fill is expected to drop to 50% for areas that only need SWI improvements on October 2018.


Your Local Authority will determine the areas that will be eligible for ECO3’s Flexible Eligibility scheme. To find out if your area has been chosen for the in-fill mechanism, have a chat with one of our energy advisors today:  0203 638 4030.


One Comment

  • Hi
    I’m on a low income and was wandering if my area is in the catchment for the Eco3 scheme.
    Could you let me know of any other schemes on offer for people on low income.
    Regards Sandra

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