Central heating and home insulation grants for homeowners on benefits

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Home Insulation Grants

Keep your home warm and your energy bills low using grant-funded insulation measures.

Boiler Grants

Replace your old boiler with a new A-rated one without breaking the bank.

Electric Storage Heaters

Sign up for an energy plan and save money on your electricity bills by storing energy during off-peak hours.

Are you eligible for Grants?

Find out if you're eligible by going through our eligibility guide.

We cover the entire UK Home Improvement Market

Infinity Energy Organisation’s network of accredited and experienced installers covers the whole of UK, offering excellent service from assessment to installation.


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Since 2012, Infinity has helped thousands of British households become more energy efficient.

Grant Funding Dual Package

Homeowners on benefits are eligible for home insulation AND Boiler grant funding! Apply for this dual measure package with us and we'll also help you find an accredited local installer for your government-funded home insulation and boiler replacement.

Overwhelmed by the complexity of energy funding? Contact us and we will:

  • Find out whether you’re eligible
  • Help you apply for funding, and
  • Find you an accredited local installer!
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ECO Dual Measures: Underfloor Insulation + Boiler Funding

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